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TOFFOC Flambé Bananas
2 Bananas
50g Butter
50g Brown Sugar
TOFFOC (about 50mls)
Slice the banana lengthwise. Heat the butter and sugar in a frying pan until sugar has dissolved, and add the sliced bananas. Pour over the TOFFOC and (carefully!) flambé. Serve immediately with either cream or ice cream.

TOFFOC with Bread and Butter Pudding
Prepare and cook your favourite recipe bread and butter pudding and serve. Pour on the TOFFOC just before eating, whilst the pudding is still hot. Finally, enjoy the perfect pudding alliance!

Caribbean TOFFOC Tall
Place ice cubes in a high ball glass. Add roughly equal measures of TOFFOC, orange juice and lemonade. Complete by adding a dash of coconut liqueur and start dreaming of the superb Caribbean cruise you’ve promised yourself.

TOFFOC Toppers
To top it all, did you know TOFFOC is also delicious in coffee and hot chocolate, and is the ultimate ice cream accompaniment? Mmmmm!